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Greg Albo

Greg Albo teaches political economy at the Department of Political Science, York University, Toronto. He is currently co-editor of the Socialist Register. He is also on the editorial boards of Studies in Political EconomyRelayCapitalism, Nature, SocialismCanadian DimensionThe Bullet and Historical Materialism (England). Albo is co-editor of A Different Kind of State: Popular Power and Democratic Administration and author of numerous articles in journals such as Studies in Political EconomySocialist RegisterCanadian Dimension, and Monthly Review.


  • State Transformations

    Edited by Greg Albo, Stephen Maher, et al.

    This landmark volume re-centres class analysis as a critical method in the study of states.

  • Capitalism, Technology, Labor

    Edited by Greg Albo, Leo Panitch, et al.

    This volume offers a radical critique of techno-utopianism, instead seeing innovation as a field of ongoing class struggle.

  • Class, Party, Revolution

    Edited by Greg Albo, Leo Panitch, et al.
    An expertly selected collection of articles on class, party, and revolution from one of the world’s most important socialist journals