Books for changing the world
  • Change Everything

    One of the century 's most brilliant activist-scholars explains why the criminal justice system must be dismantled.

  • Chronicles of Dissent

    An Accessible Overview of Noam Chomsky's Political Thought.

  • Cuba Was Different

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall, most of the "Socialist World" collapsed. This critical examination sheds light on how Cuba managed to persist.

  • Abolition. Feminism. Now.

    An urgent, vital contribution to the indivisible projects abolition and feminism, from leading scholar-activists Angela Y. Davis, Gina Dent, Erica Meiners, and Beth E. Richie.

  • Angela Davis

    Featuring a new introduction by the author, Angela Davis: An Autobiography is a classic account of a life in struggle.

  • Watch My Smoke

    Eric Dickerson is the record-holder for most rushing yards in a season, and his prime was the best of any running back in NFL history. Yet an aura of negativity trailed him his entire career.

  • The Sentences That Create Us

    The Sentences That Create Us provides a road map for incarcerated people and their allies to have a thriving writing life behind bars—and shared beyond the walls—that draws on the unique insights of more than fifty contributors, most themselves justice-involved, to offer advice, inspiration and resources.

  • Forces of Production, Climate Change and Canadian Fossil Capitalism

    In this brilliant reimagining of Marx's concept of forces of production, Graham shows that the power of fossil capital, not technological deficiency, enfetter any green-transition.

  • Blueblood

    If you really love her, you have to trust her.

  • Duckling

    A duck unlike other ducks, a raincloud-duck, with the heart of a lion, strikes out into the world on her own.

  • Hansel and Greta

    It takes a lot more time for anything to grow than it does for anything to be chopped down.

  • Henryk Grossman Works, Volume 2

    One of the 20th century's most important Marxists reflects on the people and movements of his time

  • Arab Marxism and National Liberation

    A landmark selection of the writing of an important Arab Marxist thinker, newly translated into English.

  • Circling Marx

    Acclaimed scholar Peter Beilharz explores the history of Marxism in this compelling collection of essays.

  • Cultural Hegemony in a Scientific World

    This sweeping volume provides a thorough accounting of Gramsci’s relevance to the history of science.

  • A Heterodox Marxist and His Century: Lelio Basso

    Newly available in English, a landmark and wide-ranging collection of writings by Italian socialist Lelio Basso.

  • Karl Radek on China

    This treasure trove of original documents provides invaluable insight into the Left Opposition and the Comintern's policy in China.

  • Rethinking Marxist Approaches to Transition

    An important and innovative new approach to the Marxist conception of transitions.

  • Selected Political and Economic Writings of Eugen Varga

    The key political and economic writings of the father of Soviet economic orthodoxy, now available in English for the first time.

  • Turkey: The Pendulum between Military Rule and Civilian Authoritarianism

    An essential analysis of Turkey’s unique blend of military and civilian authoritarianism

  • Uneven Landscapes of Violence

    A monumental contribution to the study of systemic violence and neoliberalism in Mexico.

  • Yiddish Revolutionaries in Migration

    A remarkable historical account of the lives and activities of members of the General Jewish Labour Bund, spanning decades and continents.

  • Nowhere to Be Home

    Edited by Maggie Lemere and Zoe West

    Nowhere to Be Home is an eye-opening collection of oral histories exposing the realities of life under military rule. In their own words, men and women from Burma describe their lives in the country that Human Rights Watch has called “the textbook example of a police state.”

  • Coercive Geographies

    This ambitious volume delves into the fraught nexus of mobility and work, drawing timely and far-reaching conclusions.